Bruce F. Holland


Bruce was born and raised in Shad Bay on the Prospect Road in a family of eight. Educated in the public-school system Bruce attended the old Halifax Regional Vocational School after graduating High School and then went on to attend Dalhousie University.Bruce began his working career at the Department of Transportation prior to a ten-year career in the Nova Scotia Attorney General’s Dept.Having been active in his church, community and various service organizations, Bruce was encouraged to enter political life and was first elected to the Halifax County Council in 1991 and subsequently was elected MLA in the Provincial Government in 1993 and served as Minister of Science and Information Technology and Minister Responsible for the Sport and Recreation Commission. 

Bruce made many improvements in the community during his early political career, one of which was the beginning of the twinning of Highway 103. Most rewarding was the development of the SS Atlantic Heritage Park and Interpretation Centre in Terence Bay. These were but a few of the improvements to things like playgrounds, ball fields, soccer fields, boat launches and much more to numerous to list, across many communities.

After leaving politics Bruce spent nearly a decade with a National Service Company as regional Marketing and Sales Manager. Bruce then accepted a position as Executive Director with the Spryfield Business Commission and has spent the past eleven years helping make Spryfield and its surrounding communities a better place to live, work and play. 

Bruce is currently working on a Rural Bus Service for the Ketch Harbour/Sambro Road to replace the Metro Transit Bus that was eliminated. Once up and running a similar service can be easily replicated on the Prospect Road.

Throughout his life Bruce has always been active in creating publications of one kind or another and now, in addition to his work in Spryfield, leads the team at the Parkview News, a local monthly community publication.

Bruce continues to serve his church and community and sits on numerous committees and boards including the Halifax Northwest Rotary Club, the Long Lake Provincial Park Association, the YWCA Advisory Committee, the Halifax Natal Day Committee, the Bella Rose Arts Centre, St Paul’s Family Resource Institute and Food Bank.



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